Seldom is there any slip for sale at Heather Cove unless it is sold with a Unit. All 36 slips were purchased in the 90’s and transfer with the sale of the unit. No slip has been up for sale in at least the last 15 years. Once people own a slip, they want to save it as an attractive part of selling their unit even if they are not boaters. Currently, we know of at least four slips available for rent. All slips will fit a boat approximately 20-25 ft long and 7′ 6″ – 8′ 6″ wide. There are no larger slips or lifts available at this time. These slips are only available to residents of Heather Cove. There are 42 slips next door to Heather Cove (“Dockside at Gulf Landings”) that do not require residency in Heather Cove, are individually owned and are sometimes available for rent/sale. Contact the Dockside at Gulf Landings Condominium Association (P.O. Box 1407, Port Richey, FL) to inquire about possible available rentals.
Current known Rentals at Heather Cove:

Dock A, slip 21 – Contact owner in Canada (519) 273-6882 – $50 per month

Dock A, slip 7 – Contact owner at (631) 543-5488

Dock B, slip 6 – Contact Owner Rouse Bailey, Unit 313

Dock B, slip 12 – Contact Larry or Betty Bohannon (847-885-9555) – $50 per month