One of the great benefits that is now part of our new trash contract is a bulk pick-up once per week! But only IF you follow the proper procedure!!

The list of bulk items that can be left for pick-up is on the Heather Cove website (

This procedure must be followed so the bulk items will be picked up:

You MUST call Donna Baron, Gulf Landings Association manager at (727) 815-3672 on Tuesday or Wednesday (PRIOR to putting anything out) to let her know you will have bulk trash to pick up. If you cannot make contact with Donna (VoiceMail doesn’t count!), do NOT put any bulk trash out as it won’t be picked up. You MUST tell her what building (building address 5537, 5557, 5567) AND the parking space number where the bulk items will be ready for pick up. Use YOUR assigned parking space and leave your car in a visitor’s spot. It would be great if we could put the bulk trash near the trash bins but that is not possible in some buildings so use your parking spot and let Donna know your assigned spot number. Bulk trash cannot be put outside. It must be in the garage area.

Pick-up day is ALWAYS Thursday Morning!

After you have notified Donna, you may put your bulk trash out on Wednesday afternoon/evening, no earlier, but it must be out before midnight. Do not wait until Thursday morning to put out the bulk items because the trash haulers come in the early morning!

Notice!!: This does NOT mean construction trash. Removal of construction trash is the responsibility of your contractor!!

This is one of the great benefits of the new Gulf Landings Trash contract (you might as well get something for your $53 per month!!). Some people have already taken advantage of this bulk pick-up. Enjoy! But please, follow the above instructions!!